SD Clinical Hypnotherapy Presents at Boomtown!

  San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy presents its workshop "Hypnosis and the Power of the Subconscious Mind" at Boomtown, this Saturday at 3 pm, Memorial Day weekend. BOOMTOWN is an 1880s themed three-day family friendly campout featuring arts, music, eco-education,...

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San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy Expands to a New Location

Since the summer of 2012, San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy has expanded to a new location in Clairemont, on the corner of Balboa and Genessee, in conjunction with the Amara Wellness Center. While maintaining the same professional clinical hypnotherapy and NLP services...

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New Study Shows Hypnosis Works For Hot Flashes!

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, a study was done with post-menopausal women who suffered at least eight hot flashes a day and as many as 50 a week. Since current treatment for midlife hormonal changes has so many side effects, this study was...

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San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy presents at Youtopia 2012!

Join San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy's workshop on "Hypnosis and the Power of the Subconscious Mind" at Youtopia 2012. For more information, please see: The workshop will be at 2 pm on Saturday. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Client Testimonials

John L.

I was skeptical going in, as I had not had success with traditional therapy in the past. Before beginning, they explain the process in detail and the advantages of tapping into the subconscious as it is the true driver of our ac​​​​tions and emotions. I ended feeling 10 pounds lighter then when I arrived and have enjoyed the clarity and level of calmness since. Christina is excellent at her craft and I would recommend her services to anyone suffering from the human condition.

Dave T.

My work with Christina was instantly eye opening and I feel blown away by how powerful hypnosis truly is. The impact was not only immediate but has lasted from the minute I walked out the door, until today. I have much appreciation and respect for Christina as a very intuitive, patient and knowledgeable hypnotherapist and also for the power of hypnotherapy in general! It is truly mind-blowing and I highly recommend Christina and International Clinical Hypnotherapy to anyone who wishes to improve aspects of themselves quickly and effectively.  

Ron W.

Christina Higgens has life experience well beyond what most of us will ever attain. She has traveled the world and has quite obviously incorporated the best from the various cultures she has been a part of. Christina is innately intelligent, sensitive and caring. These and her many other endearing qualities combine to make her an excellent hypnotherapist. I know that she will always have the greatest success in helping others help themselves. 

Victor C.

My therapy sessions have had a huge positive effect on my life. It’s amazing, the power of our mind when we set the intention to use it correctly. They helped to reset the negative habits my subconscious had created. One thing I must say is that you must be ready to create change for yourself. Sometimes this can be a daunting task. I believe that in order to have maximum results with Hypnotherapy you must be willing to put out a lot of intellectual effort. This does not mean you have to be highly intelligent. I definitely am not. It just means you have to set aside the time to continually do the homework after the therapy sessions end.

Jason M.

Christina is the real deal. I’ve tried hypnotherapy before with questionable results from other practitioners. Christina is the only one I know with the proper education and training to actually help people quickly and effectively. She has helped me realize very positive changes in my mood and confidence over the last couple of months in only a few sessions. I have started to refer other people seeking help to her without any reservation. I know she’s capable of helping many of us with common fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs. Go see her. She rocks. 

Patricia G.

This past summer I had been suffering from anxiety and insomnia brought on by a relocation to a new city. I was reluctant to take any sleep aids and continued to suffer until I was introduced to the benefits of hypnotherapy by Christina Higgens. After just one session, I was able to relax and put my troubles away long enough to enjoy a full 8 hours of sleep. The results were not only immediate but also long-term. Thanks to the unique technique used by Hypnotherapy Global, I have been able to relax my body and mind on my own.

Gerry S.

I will forever be indebted to Christina for the services she provided me! Christina quickly identified and professionally addressed the root cause of my dilemma employing a comprehensive assortment of tools to restore my well being. Christina’s wellness approach is unique in that her clients are given easy yet VERY effective “homework” assignments which further build upon the core work she performs in the office, guaranteeing success! Christina’s services are a must have component for anyone serious about the betterment of their health and well being.

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