International Clinical Hypnotherapy offers Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, to address the following issues:


Get Rid of Unwanted Habits

Smoking, nail biting, nose picking, Trichtillomania, impulse control, procrastination, etc.

Medical Issues (already assessed by a physician)

Medical and dental anxiety, relieve TMJ, manage pain and/or chronic pain, childbirth pain and anxiety, surgery anxiety, pre-surgery preparation, post-op healing, stress, relieve headaches, IBS, lower blood pressure, weight loss, sleeping disorders, stop smoking, accelerated healing, etc.

Improve Sports/Music and Business Performance

Relieve stress and/or anxiety, improve sports/skill and/or job performance, improve sales and public speaking, etc. Enhance Self Confidence – gain motivation, improve self esteem and/or shyness, deal with guilty or angry feelings, etc.

Deal with Phobias, Fear and Trauma

Including but not limited to: fear of flying, dentists, needles, heights, arachnophobia, public speaking, the dark, nightmares, trauma recovery, etc.

Deal with Emotional Issues

Grieving, relationships, current or past traumatic events, depression, forgiveness, etc.

Personal Growth

Regression, life balancing, spiritual growth, etc. Self Improvement- concentration, test taking, accelerated learning, memory improvement, ambition, etc.

To understand more about what we do, watch our video now Hypnosis and the Power of the Subconscious Mind that explains some of the nature of the mind, the process and what to expect.