Get Rid of Unwanted Habits

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Smoking, nail biting, nose picking, Trichtillomania, impulse control, procrastination, etc.

Deal with Phobias, Fear, and Trauma

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Including but not limited to: fear of flying, dentists, needles, heights, arachnophobia, public speaking, the dark, nightmares, trauma recovery, etc.

Medical Issues (already assessed by a physician)

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Medical and dental anxiety, relieve TMJ, manage pain and/or chronic pain, childbirth pain and anxiety, surgery anxiety, pre-surgery preparation, post-op healing, stress, relieve headaches, IBS, lower blood pressure, weight loss, sleeping disorders, stop smoking, accelerated healing, etc.

Deal with Emotional Issues

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Grieving, relationships, current or past traumatic events, depression, forgiveness, etc.

Improve Sports, Music, or Business Performance

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Relieve stress and/or anxiety, improve sports/skill and/or job performance, improve sales and public speaking, etc. Enhance Self Confidence – gain motivation, improve self esteem and/or shyness, deal with guilty or angry feelings, etc.


Personal Growth

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Regression, life balancing, spiritual growth, etc. Self Improvement- concentration, test taking, accelerated learning, memory improvement, ambition, etc.

To understand more about what we do, watch our video now Hypnosis and the Power of the Subconscious Mind that explains some of the nature of the mind, the process and what to expect.

Client Testimonials

  •   Highly recommend trying a few sessions with Christina. The sessions are through zoom and you can do them while you're laying in bed, it's great! I was a little skeptical... read more

    thumb Jackie M.

      I've had a few sessions with Christina on a variety of topics and it works amazingly! Christina is very professional, and friendly. I find her style of hypnosis extremely effective.... read more

    thumb Parintorn V.

      I worked with Christina for my phobia of public speaking. In the past, I have at least once in my life fainted, blacked out, threw up, and cried uncontrollably when... read more

    thumb Mayra T.

      My boyfriend was having a hard time passing his paramedic national registry test. We had tried every study guide, tool, had a meeting with a therapist to go over study... read more

    thumb Colette N.

      Christina is the best! She has helped me with my fear of heights,fear of flying and many other issues. After working with her my anxiety and panic response has decreased... read more

    thumb Lilly V.

      Christina has helped me make important changes in my life.  I am shocked by my progress and excited about the future.

    I have struggled with various obsessions over the years.  Nothing... read more

    thumb Greg L.

      Christina has been wonderful and a great help in overcoming many of my issues.  I went there initially for help with stress related excessive eating. She helped me get that... read more

    thumb Craig B.

      I am 53 years old and have struggled with OCD in the form of obsessive fearful thinking for over 32 years.   I have seen therapists off and on for... read more

    thumb K W.

      I was going through a stressful period in my life and had considered hypnotherapy as a way to rewire my negative thought patterns. Christina made the process easy to understand... read more

    thumb Tim O.
  •   I have had several sessions with Christina via Skype and they have been life changing and extremely beneficial in overcoming blocks, negative patterns of belief, and helping me to overwrite... read more

    thumb Ashley B.

      It's been 5 weeks since my first session with Christina and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  She helped me overcome my... read more

    thumb Cyn S.

      Christina helped me overcome my fear of flying. I flew to NYC from SD for the first time in 8 years to attend my grandmas funeral. I'll be very forever... read more

    thumb Innesa B.

      I recommend 100% and have raved to my friends and family about my success - I struggled with sleep problems throughout my whole life, and even knew that I would... read more

    thumb Crystal G.

      Christina literally cured my son of night terrors in one session. ONE SESSION! I am eternally grateful for her knowledge and expertise.

    thumb Brenda G.

      I truly can't say enough to describe the incredible impact Christina has made on my life. The amount I have been able to realize and grow from, even after just... read more

    thumb Kayleigh J.

      If you are determined to improve your mental wellbeing or change a habit, but can't seem to make it happen by yourself,  I highly recommend Hypnosis by Christina Higgins. With... read more

    thumb S.J. W.

      I obtained Christina's services to overcome test anxiety. I had to pass a test to finish a certification, and my anxiety kept tripping myself up. I bought a 3-visit package... read more

    thumb Chris R.

      Christina really knows her stuff, by tapping into the subconscious. She explains how it works, asking questions to better diagnose the situation. Then puts you under hypnosis, trance. I've gotten... read more

    thumb Alejandro A.
  •   Conquered my needle phobia!!

    The only thing holding me back from pursuing nursing as a career was my needle phobia. I would reliably pass out (vasovagal syncope reflex!) when around a... read more

    thumb Anna M.

      After seeing a half dozen medical doctor over the course of ten months, we were at a loss for what was causing my son's cough because there were no signs... read more

    thumb Juice G.

      Christina Higgins is a very knowledgeable and experienced hypnotherapist. I met with her for three sessions from December 2015 to February 2016. As a professional musician, I am always interested... read more

    thumb Tim Q.

      What I like about Christina is that she gets results. $150 is a lot to spend for something to "maybe" work- but with her.. in my experience, her hypnosis definitely... read more

    thumb Marissa M.

      Christine presented a very thorough explanation of the hypnotherapy process, putting me at ease to move forward. After our 1st session I recognized a notable change in how I felt.... read more

    thumb Denise L.

      I was beyond amazed. In one session I was able to achieve my goals and get the help i truly needed. It would have taken thousands of dollars and much... read more

    thumb Shizz L.

      My first session with Christina was incredible. She conducted a detailed evaluation as part of her consultation (which, btw, was FREE). The consultation included Christina thoroughly describing how the subconscious... read more

    thumb Lindsey H.

      I have been to hypnotherapist before but none like Christina. Since day one I felt welcome and an atmosphere of professionalism. I had a number of issues and all resolved... read more

    thumb Robert M.

      Christina works wonders!  I have been a nail biter my whole life and she had me breaking the habit after a single session. Very nice, very skilled and incredibly knowledgable... read more

    thumb Bryce P.

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