According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, a study was done with post-menopausal women who suffered at least eight hot flashes a day and as many as 50 a week. Since current treatment for midlife hormonal changes has so many side effects, this study was especially pertinent as hypnosis has no known risks. This latest study, published in the online journal Menopause, showed that of the 93 women who received five 45 minute hypnosis sessions for menopause that “the frequency of hot flashes in the hypnotherapy group dropped by 48% at six weeks and 56% at 12 weeks, compared to drops of 7% and 13% at six and 12 weeks, respectively, among those in the trial’s control condition. A measure of the severity and frequency of hot flashes showed an average 71% improvement in the hypnosis group at six weeks versus 8% in the control group — and an 80% improvement at the 12-week mark among the women who got hypnosis versus 15% at 12 weeks.”