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Our Mission Statement

“Through the power of hypnotherapy, we strive to help those who are suffering and those who are striving to reach their full potential. Our goal is to teach and educate those who desire true understanding on their journey to a healthier, more productive life.”

  • Trance, in one form or another, has been a transformative part of human experience for millennia.
  • Doctors, Dentists, Therapists and Hypnotherapists have used trance therapeutically since the 40’s and 50’s, and all the way up into present time.
  • Hypnosis is rigorously implemented by Top Athletes, successful Entrepreneurs & CEOs, and even the US military.
  • Hypnosis is also taught at major Universities including Princeton, Yale, and Harvard.
  • Inner Mind Sourcing™, a state of the art personal-change technology, works by synthesizing the most useful aspects of modern clinical Hypnotherapy, and then going beyond those things by utilizing the full processing power of the Subconscious.

A Complete Process for Taking Ownership of your Mind

Whether you want to get rid of unwanted habits, improve at sports or business, deal with fear, phobias, and trauma, or just explore new realms of personal growth - Clinical Hypnotherapy can bring you unparalleled success!

Meet the Founder

Christina Higgens, CMS-CHt

Founder and Director of International Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Co-Founder of Hypnotherapy Global, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP & IMS Practitioner based in San Diego, California.
After graduating from Andrews University with a BA in Psychology and Spanish, she pursued a career first as a counselor in psychology, and later in education. During that time, she traveled and lived all over the world, learning new languages and cultures, always with a passion for actualizing and realizing human potential. Christina has been to over 50 countries and has lived abroad in 7 of them, including Costa Rica, Spain, Jordan, China, Japan, Cuba, and the U.S. She enjoyed studying the languages, cultures, and martial arts of the countries while there. While living in Costa Rica, she studied Spanish and Tae Kwon Do. In Spain, she studied Spanish and Spanish culture. In Jordan, Christina studied Arabic and worked in anthropology and archaeology. In China, she studied Wushu and Mandarin, and while living in Japan, she studied Japanese, obtained her black belt in Aikido and became a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner. In her travels she has spent time with many cultures and even got to meet the Dalai Lama.

Christina is the real deal. I’ve tried hypnotherapy before with questionable results from other practitioners. Christina is the only one I know with the proper education and training to actually help people quickly and effectively. She has helped me realize very positive changes in my mood and confidence over the last couple of months in only a few sessions.

Jason M.

San Diego, CA

It was through these travels that she decided to seek an understanding of how to better achieve our full potential as human beings, and live fuller, more productive, healthier lives. Upon returning to the US, Christina enrolled in the accredited Hypnotherapy Academy of America, earning her Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist certifications, among others. Soon after she earned her NLP Practitioner certification through Master Practitioner and Trainer, Patrick Singleton, of Inner Mind Sourcing and Hypnotherapy Global. She has continued her studies on an ongoing basis with Inner Mind Sourcing, which is a very advanced way of dealing with the mind, incorporating techniques from hypnosis, NLP and beyond, comparing her work to that of a computer programmer and upgrader, where she helps others to upgrade their own hard drives, so to speak. She is currently certified through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, which is the largest of any hypnotherapy certifying board, as well as requiring continuing education in the field of hypnosis.

It was Christina’s determination, focus, and understanding the power of the mind that enabled her to become a counselor, a teacher, a successful martial artist, rock climber, successful businesswoman, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Along with helping individual and online clients, Christina also does workshops and corporate speaking engagements, and has made appearances on both television and radio, including CBS, This is LA, This is San Diego, and Business Talk Radio on Tune In Radio.

Hypnosis & The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Customer Testimonials

  •   Life saver! Christina is awesome. Very kind and straight forward. She really wants to get down to the root of your problems so she can really fix everything. Please go... read more

    thumb Domi P.

      I came to Christina after doing some research on my own and seeing that there have been quite a lot of success stories for people with my issues through hypnotherapy.... read more

    thumb Matt M.
  •   I have had 4 sessions now with Christina and I'm planning on doing weekly sessions for the foreseeable future because of the very positive results I received in such a... read more

    thumb Adrien G.

      You can always count on this place to take care of you like you are family and you will never feel like you can't trust them. This is a huge... read more

    thumb Jax B.
  •   I saw Christina for a couple of sessions. It was not what I thought it would be. The hypnotherapy was so generic I feel I could have gotten videos on... read more

    thumb Brenda T.

      Highly recommend trying a few sessions with Christina. The sessions are through zoom and you can do them while you're laying in bed, it's great! I was a little skeptical... read more

    thumb Jackie M.
  •   I am so grateful to have found Christina and International Clinical Hypnotherapy. I have struggled with an eating disorder for over a decade and have tried EVERYTHING to heal. After... read more

    thumb Tammy O.

      My daughter had a pretty severe needle phobia which lead to panic attacks and within 3 sessions we saw great improvement. Christina did a wonderful job explaining how hypnotherapy would... read more

    thumb Pippa M.
  •   I worked with Christina for my phobia of public speaking. In the past, I have at least once in my life fainted, blacked out, threw up, and cried uncontrollably when... read more

    thumb Mayra T.

      My boyfriend was having a hard time passing his paramedic national registry test. We had tried every study guide, tool, had a meeting with a therapist to go over study... read more

    thumb Colette N.

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