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Healthy New Year’s Resolution?

Weight Management Classes Now Forming in Your Area!



Hypnotherapy Is THE Missing Component for Permanent Weight Management!! 

Compare to Jenny Craig; Medi-Fast;

Weight Watchers; Nuti-System and others

  •  Obtain Your Ideal Body Size
  • No Diet
  • No Giving Up Your Favorite Foods
  • No Exercise Required (though always recommended)
  • No Counting Calories or Tracking Points
  • No Pre-packaged, Frozen or Dehydrated Foods to Buy
  • No Major Lifestyle Changes

8 Week Transformation Only $600

January 29, 2015 @ 7:00 pm 5252 Balboa Ave. Ste 202

If you are truly ready to commit to a program that will get the permanent results that you have been striving for…..don’t miss this opportunity….

 Call or email today to register!!

Classes held once weekly for eight weeks


San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy
5252 Balboa Ave. Ste 202
San Diego, CA 92117
** Hypnotherapy is adjunctive to and compliments traditional treatments. The services offered at San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy are not intended to replace medical advice or treatment from a licensed medical doctor or mental health practitioner.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

The Missing Component for Permanent Results”

The concept in its entirety is about changing our mindset, developing a new relationship with food and forming new lifetime habits. Over the eight weeks, you will be introduced to new ways of thinking; not only about food and your relationship to it, but about yourself as well. By addressing our emotional health and eating habits and forming new habits at the sub-conscious level, we are able to make permanent change. Therefore, we not only are better able to reduce the weight and the inches, we are then able to keep it off and maintain our ideal body size, weight and shape. True success is being able to maintain our ideal body size once we’ve reached our goal. That’s what we’re really after and that, my friend, is true success!

The idea of being able to “stay” on a particular diet or regiment routine is the very thing that so often causes us to fail. When on a particular program and eating “particular”, pre-packaged, dehydrated or frozen foods, or a program that dictates; eat this for breakfast …. this for lunch ….. this for a snack and this for dinner on this night etc.; what happens when we go back to our normal routines, daily lives and regular food? We gain it all back! It’s no wonder we fail time and time again. That’s simply because as human beings, we just can’t do it over a long period of time. Will power is a wonderful thing, but will power alone often fails us.

With this program, there is no diet required and no foods are off limits! There is no regiment routine involved. With Hypnotherapy for weight management, you will never feel “deprived” or hungry! This program is simple, effective and renders real results.

If you are already involved with some other program that you just don’t want to give up, these classes can be combined with any diet and exercise routine that you have chosen. They will not in any way interfere with anything you may already be doing. They will simply accelerate and enhance your results. Participating will add the benefit of permanent mindset change. New habits will be formed and planted firmly on the sub-conscious level of your mind.

Whenever we have a “conscious” goal, it is imperative that the “sub-conscious” part of our mind is on board and agrees to work with us to that end. Otherwise, embedded unconscious beliefs, feelings and attitudes that we may not even be aware of keep us from attaining our goals. No matter how important they are to us and how much we try to accomplish them through will power alone, we will invariably slide back!

This program is without a doubt, the easiest, most effective way to attain permanent weight management. Results will vary, but by the time you exit the class, you’ll have all the tools you need to continue on and you’ll be automatically and naturally applying your new healthy habits on a daily basis … and, you’ll be doing it with ease. Additionally, you will have experienced a total renewal of “self” and come away feeling like a brand new person!


Weight Management Testimonies

This is a great class. My husband and both attended, loved it and got great results! Everything about this class makes sense and it is easy to follow and to be successful. The hypnosis techniques were positive and energizing! Right after the 5th class, I went shopping to buy a new dress for our son’s wedding. I was so excited when I discovered I didn’t need a size 1x or even an extra large. I fit perfectly into a size large and for me, that was wonderful!

Dr. and Mrs. R. Denton

I took the eight week hypnotherapy weight loss program and lost 25 pounds and 7.5 inches including 2 from my waist. I went from a size 36 in waist to size 34 and am continuing to use the program to get to my eventual goal of waist size 32 and weight of 160 pounds.

The program was fun and easy to participate in where I live. The results are wonderful. I travel a lot and the weight loss stays off, because I look at what I eat differently now. Thank you!

Bruce S. Denton

Through these classes, she taught me to really relax my body and my mind. She gave me new knowledge which touched my body and my soul. I’m on my way to obtaining my Ideal Body Size and I’m confident I’ll reach my goal. And this time, I’ll be able to keep it off!

C.C. Denton

I loved the sharing and encouraging that a group setting offered. The classes were fun and enjoyable. I lost 5 lbs. and 8.5 inches! I must admit, I didn’t expect to get that kind of results. It’s great!

J. L. Denton

I was able to lose ten pounds over the course of my 8 sessions. Ten pounds is not an enormous amount of weight, but I have been trying for the last ten years to lose it and I am finally successful!! I will continue using the hypnotherapy program to drop another ten pounds in the coming weeks. It’s great; because it really does work!

Reid L.

I have just completed the Weight Management Hypnotherapy and I feel GREAT! I have lost 9 inches (mainly in my stomach) and I lost 1 dress size. I am now a firm believer that hypnotherapy is the missing link to permanent weight loss. And the wonderful this is, I can eat what ever feels good to my body. I was amazed and shared this exciting program with all my friends. Most of all, I learned new skills to keep me at my ideal body size, shape and weight through this relaxing, healthy method.

 Lisa L.
I’m a local business woman and I went to the 8 week weight loss course. The only word that comes to mind is amazing! I can’t even describe what a difference it’s made in my thinking and because of that, for the first time in years, I’ve been able to lose 13 pounds and 12″ in those 8 weeks and gained the confidence, tools and habits to keep going until every excess pound is off. I believe the whole key was completely changing thoughts and reactions to food so that I eat what I always did; just not as much, and at different times than before, and best of all … completely without deprivation. And even though it won’t happen overnight (just as it didn’t come on overnight), it is happening steadily and comfortably. If you’ve battled your weight for a good part of your life as I have, you owe yourself this gift! Don’t pass up this chance. It’s absolutely the best thing I ever did for myself!


Sharon L. Irving 

I recently attended the Weight Management class. I lost a total of 9 lbs. and 5 inches and I am thrilled! Never before has it been so easy. I didn’t have to give up anything and never felt limited or restricted. Not only that, but this time I’m totally confident that I’ll be able to keep going until I reach my goal and I’ll be able to keep it off. This program is great!

Jeff H. Smith Security

I am totally amazed at the results I experienced during the eight weeks I attended the weight management class. Not only did I lose 13 lbs. and a total of 9 inches, I gained unexpected benefits. I feel and look like a different person! My friends and co-workers can’t believe the difference. And because I look and feel so much better, my self confidence has been boosted up by at least three notches! I’ve almost reached my goal and have already had to buy a few new clothes.

Sean M. Knowles Publishing

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the weight loss class. My experience has been nothing short of miraculous! I must admit I was not sure this would work for me. From start to finish, I continued to be amazed at the effect this treatment has on me. It not only helped me to loose weight, I learned relaxing techniques that helped me to sleep better, a problem I have been plagued with for years. During the 8 week class I lost 2 dress sizes; a total of 13 inches! I have continued to loose after finishing the class. This program is a life style change. I changed my way of thinking about food without even realizing it and it was so easy! I am really amazed! This is still a work in progress and I hope to be at my ideal size by the end of this year.

 Wanda R. Denton

I have been over weight and been a stress eater for more years than I would like to admit. I have tried many diets, lost some weight and went right back to eating the way I did before. As soon as I had lost a little, I’d gain it right back plus some. I was skeptical of trying Clinical Hypnotherapy for weight management, but gave it a try. I have to say it was the easiest life change I have ever made. I was relaxed and seeing a whole new me in just a few sessions. I lost 18 inches overall in the eight weeks of sessions and have continued to lose. I would recommend the weight management classes to anyone.

Dana J. Arlington