Hypnotherapy for Cancer Patient Benefits By: Bennett Mathers

Not many people know that hypnotherapy is often prescribed for cancer patients. Indeed, hypnosis holds many benefits for cancer patients. This article is not about how hypnosis can or can’t cure cancer but how it can alleviate certain symptoms and negative mindsets, which in a way does affect health. In fact, the NIH found hypnotherapy useful for treating chronic pain in conjunction with other medical treatments.*

Here are some ways that hypnotherapy helps cancer patients.

It can give patients a positive outlook

Staying positive is hard for cancer patients, if not impossible. Therefore, many patients treat hypnosis as a cognitive behavioral treatment. Studies show that positivity improves immune system functions. Therefore, positivity can actually help a patient’s overall health.

It can reduce stress

Stress can cause further complications in cancer patients. Therefore, it is crucial that the patient remain stress-free. Given his or her circumstances, however, it may be hard to stay stress free. Hypnotherapy will help willing patients become stress-free through the use of suggestive phrases and deep relaxation.

Staying stress-free is important, especially if you are diagnosed with a serious cancer like mesothelioma. Mesothelioma life expectancy is only 4 to eight months. However, stress-free patients tend to increase this number, giving doctors more time to cure the cancer.

It can speed the healing process

Though the process is complex, hypnosis can help patients heal from surgeries and chemotherapy. The reason stems from the neurological aspect of hypnosis. The mind, being in a relaxed and positive state, sends special signals to the body’s immune system, allowing it to heal wounded areas of the body 25 percent faster than normal. 

Of course, cancer patients can benefit from this because they undergo multiple surgeries and sessions of chemotherapy. In fact, some doctors require their patients undergo hypnotherapy after intense surgeries, radiation or chemotherapy.

It can reduce pain

Along with the healing aspect, hypnotherapy can also reduce pain. During the hypnotherapy session, the brain will send messages and signals to block the pain signals from reaching it. However, this does not mean that the pain is gone; rather, it is just being blocked. The effects can be compared to pain relieving medicines like Tylenol or Aspirin.

It can reduce anxiety

Because cancer is so serious, many people become over-anxious if they are diagnosed with it. Hypnosis can ease anxiety; thus, the patient feels more comfortable and positive. Studies show that anxiety can hinder the body from fighting cancer cells, so it is important that patients maintain their composure and stay relaxed. 

So, whether hypnotherapy cures cancer or not (please see relevant studies supporting its healing attributes), it is beneficial for the cancer patient. With an improved outlook of life, patients can embrace their road to recovery.

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