Creative NLP Solutions Presents a 10 day NLP Practitioner Certification Training in San Diego in April 2014 in which Christina Higgens, CMS-CHt, NLPP1559498_10203074354249320_1563373559_o from San Diego Clinical Hypnotherapy will be present and assisting.

Our 10 day Practitioner Training is the place you want to be to learn what NLP really is and how it works. The Course is taught in a way that helps you understand how and why each method works, and when to use them with clients.

This is a life changing experience that goes beyond simply learning powerful change technology for yourself and others, because you get to practice and receive all the processes yourself, in a safe & supportive environment that makes learning easy & fun.

This Training is for people who want to be a better Hypnotherapist, Life Coach or Healer, and anyone who wants to be happier, more confident, or is interested in personal growth,

In this Training, you’ll learn:

● Exactly what NLP is and how it works so you can use it for yourself and with Clients.

● You’ll learn the art of making powerful resources available whenever they’re needed.

● You’ll learn how to assist people to overcome all kinds of limiting beliefs they face every day.

● You’ll learn how to redirect unwanted habits, behaviors and responses, to what people really want to do and be.

● You’ll also learn a proven NLP Strategy for Smoking Cessation and much, much more!

Classes run Monday-Friday from 9am till 5:30 pm with weekends OFF.

Previous NLP Training is required before taking the 10 day course. Our 1 day NLP Foundations training on Sunday, the 13th, meets the previous training requirement. Please contact us for pricing for that training.

Please Contact Us to discuss any other training you may have taken which may meet the prerequisite.

Our Course counts as CEU’s for A.C.H.E. (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners), IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association), and the National Guild Of Hypnotists (the NGH)

If you’re interested in attending or have questions about the training, call Susan at: 505-780-5128

Tuition for 10 days is $1,995.

About the Teacher:

In 1995, Patrick Singleton was certified as an NLP Practitioner & in 2003 as a Master Practitioner. And in 1997, he was certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and was hired to teach NLP as part of a Hypnotherapy Training in Santa Fe.

In 2005 he designed and began presenting his own 10 day NLP Practitioner Training at the Hypnotherapy School in Santa Fe.

He left the Hypnotherapy Academy in the Summer of 2011, o present his own training material and methods under the names Creative NLP Solutions and Inner Mind Sourcing..

Patrick is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, one of the oldest Hypnotherapy organizations in the Unites States.